Lord, when I learn that someone is hurting,
Help me know what to do and to say;
Speak to my heart and give me compassion,
Let Your great love flow through me today.
—K. De Haan

Friday, February 24, 2012

One Day

This is the movie that I accidentally found out when I was bored
What made me watch this movie?
Maybe it is the description 
"These two best friends decided to meet one day in a year" 
Meet one day in one year?! 
Then I downloaded it. 
I really want to know how two best friends love each other
Or maybe what I want to know is Is there really has pure friendship love between boy and girl 
This movie really made me laugh out loud and cry out loud 
Their love is tangled.
They are made to meet each other
She is lack of confidence He is so easy with things
He always goes with the flow She is cautious
He encourage her when she is flinch 
She brings him back to the practical world when he lost
I felt really upset and heartbroken when she cut off their friendship 
I was angry why she just can be with him and pull him back
At the same time, I am so understand her helplessness and powerlessness 
Who will really want to see the one he/she loves falling 
There are so many times that he wants to confess his love to her 
There are so many times that she wants to tell him her feeling
I understand this
He thinks that she deserve better 
She thinks that she is not good enough for him
They know each other so well 
They are too afraid to hurt each other 
They know the hurt from themselves will be thousand time pain than others 
They care 
They treasure 
"You won't lost when you don't own "
so their love is still tangled.
Do you know what is needed to "in love" with your "best friend"?
but courage is always not enough.
Not enough too 
I think 
It is the courage and confidence to kill your rational thinking
In other word, you need to go crazy...

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